New 2020 winter menù in osteria

Dear friends of the tavern, the new winter 2020 menu of "Baldo" has arrived :)

As a Typical Restaurant awarded by the Municipality of Verona to preserve local culinary traditions we have chosen to favor the typical dishes of the Verona local cousin such as, for example, Risotto all'Amarone della Valpolicella (premium local red wine), the local mountain Lessinia hen with sàor (bittersweet onion and pine nuts) with fried polenta, the traditional hot Pasta & Beans soup with chestnut flor pasta maltagliati, veal liver with onions etc.

Do you like truffle? Here we have the bast black winter truffle of the Verona mountains served whit local gnocchi pasta.

home made tortellini, here server with butter and sage, are one of the most famous dish of our Caffè Monte Baldo
Home made tortellini at our osteria Caffè Monte Baldo

As always, all our food preparations are "homemade": fresh pasta, tortelli and tortellini, sauces, mustards etc. Prepare everything by ourself is the best method to ensure to our customers and friends the highest quality and authenticity. There are dishes for vegan customers (indicated with the letter V in the menù), gluten free (GF in the menù), allergens are indicated in the menu and our staff is trained for every customer safety issues. We do believe that the word "osteria" means a comfortable warm place, able to welcome everyone.

Risotto all'amarone della Valpolicella is an iconic recipe of Verona corsine. Made with the premium Amarone della Valpolicella red wine poured into our local" Vialone Nano" white rice. Try it in our osteria Caffè Monte Baldo whit a bit of Monte Veronese local cheese, paired with a tasty glass of Amarone
Risotto all'amarone della Valpolicella at osteria Caffè Monte Baldo


For desserts and pastries, always made by our pastry chef, we invite you to try the fantastic tiramisu, the gorgeous trio of desserts and the wonderful vegan meringue-based Pavlova made with "fava water" (chickpeas boiling water) instead of more traditional egg white.

In our osteria we do love cakes! Our kitchen manager Manuel is a pastry chef. As always we prefer to use local veronese products and ingredients to serve you the best possibile desserts
crunchy pastry with chantilly cream scented with white Recioto sweet wine of Soave

Home delivery: all dishes are available for takeaway and home delivery inside Verona municipality. It is possible to use the DELIVEROO platform or order directly at +39 0458030579 or at

See the menu by this link

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