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The Arena di Verona 2019 opera season is about to begin

The Arena di Verona 2019 opera season is about to begin. The Arena Colosseum is the largest -open dome - theater in the world and the city's pride. Taking just a brief look to a photo of its interiors, in an evening of representation, would be enough to understand what makes the Arena of Verona the unique and perfect scenario for a show of which the public is the real and undisputed protagonist.

Conceived by the ancient Romans from its construction, in the first century after Christ, as a great place of cruel and bloody entertainment, the Arena has an elliptical shape and measures 138 meters by 109, without counting the external walls of which only a small part is affectionately called "Ala" (the Wing) by the Veronesi local population.

Placed in the large Piazza Bra square, from the german word "breit" (wide), just outside the Romans walls, The Arena has observed all the history of the Scaliger city, from high Middle age barbarian invasions to the italian national unity in the middle of XIX°century.

With a capacity of around 15,000 seats it is occupied throughout the summer season by concerts, dance and opera performances. It's his story, the sets, the people, his steps to create that unique and original mix that the whole world envies us.

An essential aspect for every good melomaniac is the acoustics: although it has not been designed as a place to hold musical events, the Arena has overall good acoustics. Particularly famous is the "orchestra pit", the lowered seat, compared to the stage, where the members of the orchestra are hosted.

Arena di Verona with the "Ala" on the top -right.  All rights reserved to the owners.

Tips: under the local summer sun, the stone square steps of the Arena accumulate a lot of heat that they release in the evening, after the sunset, warming up the spectators' back. We advise you to bring a pillow, a bottle of water and a fan, to fight the heat.

The 2019 opera season and "the extra lyric"

Spectacular and complete this 2019 season directed by the Superintendent Cecilia Gasdia, that will see the most famous operas taking place on the stage, starting from the premiere of LaTraviata on Friday 21 June. The event catalog includes: : Carmen, Aida, Tosca, Carmina Burana and Il Trovatore , along with ballet shows such as "Roberto Bolle & Friends" and the great concerts like that of Placido Domingo.

There will also be numerous other artists and events of the highest value in the so-called "Extra Lirica"events, such as Ennio Morricone, Elton John, Eros Ramazzotti, David Garret, De Gregori and many others.

We invite you to view the following link for any information about the season and individual shows

What to do in Verona while you wait for the opera to start?

Take long walks and enjoy the Old Town; paying some attention you could meet some famous tenor or soprano walking through the streets of the ancient city. As always we are waiting for you in Osteria to make your experience in the city of Verona even more enjoyable and "Verona local style". The Caffè Monte Baldo, recognized as a typical tavern by the Municipality of Verona, awaits you with a selection of traditional dishes from the nearby Garda Lake. Eat in Verona has never been so easy thanks to he kitchen service open all day, from 12 noon to 11pm. Vegetarian and Vegan options available. Have a look at our menu for more information:

Our tavern is also a recognized "gastronomic temple" of the Veronese aperitif: many types of "tartina" (canapés) are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and some 30 wine lables available for serving by the glass

A sip of aperitif? Take a look here:

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