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Eat in Verona must be a positive emotion. In our Osteria we use only first quality raw materials, processed inside our kitchen or in our food laboratory. As modern food artisans, we do believe in "doing things at home" like fresh pasta, bread, sauces, mustards etc to always guarantee the best quality to our customers and have a total control over what we bring to the table.

Our dishes are based on the traditional Veronese cuisine, cooked by the most modern techniques and elevated by the imagination of our kitchen brigade.

Finally, we are focused to our customers with dietary needs as vegans, celiacs and others. We believe that come to an Osteria means have a good food experience, open to everyone.


KITCHEN OPEN 12.00 - 23.00

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Osteria Caffè Monte Baldo








Our famous platter of homemade canapés (10 pieces) -  T 
Local charcuterie board with homemade pickels -  T  GF 
Cantabrian Sea anchovies filets served with bread croutons and butter

Lessinia hen served with sàor (bittersweet oninon and pine nuts) with crispy polenta
Octopus salad with sliced ​​almonds, mint, julienne fennel and lime leaves

First courses

“Verona Cacio e Pepe” homemade bigoli (fresh egg long pasta at the press) with local cheeses and pepper
Homemade pappardella (fresh egg long ribbon pasta) with duck sauce - 
Traditional risotto made with Amarone DOCG wine sauce (at least 2 persons - 18 minutes waiting) -  T  GF 
Durum wheat spaghetti with aubergine cream, marinated cherry tomatoes and coulis of Taggiasca olives -  V 

Homemade fresh egg long pasta with bluefin tuna, confit cherry tomatoes and chopped pistachios

Main courses
Orange glazed duck breast with sauteed chicory -  GF 

Sliced ​​beef from Lessinia with mountain herbs falvored butter on potato wedges -  GF 

Lessinia Beef tartare with mozzarella stracciatella cheese, toasted hazelnuts and crunchy caramelized onion petals -  GF 

Our Adriatic mixed fried fish platter (shrimp, sardine, red mullet fillet, calamari ring)

Salmon steak on gazpacho sauce

Our homemade tiramisù -  T 

Sbrisolona (traditional dry almond cake) with grappa flavored english cream -  T 

White chocolate parfait on wild berries sauce -  GF 

Coconut Bavarian cream with dark chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries -  G

 Homemade. What does it mean? 

Osteria Caffè Monte Baldo is always attentive to the quality and freshness of the products we serve. We care so much that since long time we decided to produce some foods in “home”, like all of our canapés’ toppings, all the desserts and sauces. But there’s more! Now all our fresh pasta is also prepared in our new deli workshop, as well as the bread we serve fresh baked on the table every day.

Verona’s most traditional food. 

Eat at Osteria Monte Baldo means tasting the real cuisine from Verona. Starting with the appetizers, with tidbits of tuna and eggs, anchovies, gorgonzola and radicchio or asparagus sauce, the evening events are even more special and appetizing. Do not miss lunches and dinners, with dishes that celebrate the best of Verona traditional cuisine: the homemade ​​pasta or the fish and meat main courses, which follow the old Venetian recipes.

The typical Verona cuisine is truly unique and special.

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