A historic Osteria in the heart of Verona,today, just as before.

Osteria Caffé Monte Baldo

Today the Osteria Monte Baldo is appreciated and known by many loyal customers and many tourists for its tasty canapés, extraordinary gòti (dialect name for glass of wine) and its warm and engaging hospitality.


The historic Monte Baldo shop was founded as a dairy at the end of the 19th century.


The name Monte Baldo derives from the nearby station of departure of the buses for "Spiazzi", a town on the slopes of the mountain "Baldo".


Between the two wars, the dairy becomes a Osteria, retaining a name that would have made it popular, and not just in Verona.


The restaurant was on the ground floor, while the upper floor was reserved for gambling halls, card games and dice games.

In the '60s, during the economic boom, the tavern becomes a bar and cafeteria, changing its name to Caffè Monte Baldo and following the trends of the time, which saw Verona, as well as the whole of Italy, struggling with lifestyles finally pleasant, after the hard years of war.

And it is thanks to the intuition and love for the tradition of Gianni Vesentini, a Veronese innkeeper who invests his work with great passion and attention, that coffee returns to its origins, preserving the characteristics of a historical shop, becoming Osteria Monte Baldo and recovering the enogastronomical characteristics of the typical Verona tavern without giving up the evening moments dedicated to aperitifs.

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